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School Projects

Infographic Guide

Project Name

Alternate information to the letter 's' in the Hebrew alphabetics: 'Stalin' (Joseph Stalin), 'Sabon' (Soap), 'Seen' (China).
Course: Infographics, Mentor: Roni Levit, 3rd year 


'Sacred Cow'

Magazine Design

'Sacred Cow' is a women's lifestyle magazine, that addresses issues that women usually prefer to ignore rather than talk about - issues that are considered as 'Taboo' in modern society. 
This edition concerns the subject of motherhood, from the perspective of those who don't want to be "mommy".

- Course: Magazine Design; Mentor: Oded Ben Yehuda; 3rd year -


Book Design

This book tells the story of my mother, Perla. She was born in Colombia out of wedlock, and as a child moved from one foster home to another. From a very young age, Perla was forced to choose her own path in life, eventually making Aliyah by herself at the age of 12.
This book is divided into 10 chapters, each one depicting a different home Perla lived in. 
The text is a transcript of the recordings in which she describes in her own words what she has been through, including all the pauses hesitations in her story.
Course: Book Design; Mentor: Noa Segal; 4th year 

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