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I'm Shiran.


2021 - 2023
Fundbox // Product Designer

Owned design for Fundbox Partnership applications including Capital One, Customers Bank, and Stripe.

Worked in close collaboration with Stripe's design team and delivered UX/UI in accordance with their design system. Aachieved a 93% retention rate for our Stripe partnership application (first to launch and have data available).

Migrated the Fundbox’s design system from Sketch to Figma; updated the system’s components within Storybook; including extensive collaborating with front-end developers and conducting enablement sessions for interdisciplinary stakeholders.

Based on user research tools like Fullstory and, initiated and drove the implementation of ongoing UX improvements.


2019 - 2021
Zencity // Product Designer

Was a key stakeholder in a major project and company milestones including creating a full DIY solution for our hyper-growing customer base and our product analysts. 

Initiated and executed improvements to UI components based on continuous feedback sessions with our active users, PMs, and developers.

Added new platform features with desktop and mobile emphasis to support the overall growth of the platform’s capabilities. 

Participated in an essential task-force to lead a complete platform revamp focusing on improving the filter hierarchy and redesigning the insights feed, both significant screens within the platform.

2017 - 2019
Natural Intelligence // Product Designer

End-to-end digital product design, with emphasis on innovative UX on desktop and mobile interfaces.

Researched, wireframed, designed, and prototyped for different content spheres

Designed, automated, and made constant improvements to the company’s internal campaign management system.

Collaborated with PMs, developers, and content teams in order to hone current UX and maximize clicks.


Dynamic Yield // Lead Creative Designer

Designed the company's online and offline presence and branding for internal and external use.

Leveraged local and virtual user testing sessions in order to enhance functionality and usability for key audiences.

Collaborated with product and engineering teams to craft high quality UX/UI, while working closely with interdisciplinary stakeholders including PMs, event coordinators, video producers, and senior management.


TITANBRANDWISE // Brand & Interaction Designer

Owned branding, website design, and campaign design for international and public companies.

Collaborated with programmers to build new sites.

Worked with UI and UX specialists.


Figma | Sketch | Adobe Creative Suite | Principle | InVision | Axure



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