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Various experiences in Zencity

Zencity is an AI tool for local governments which gathers and analyzes resident generated data and then delivers actionable insights that help governments prioritize resources, track performance, and connect with their communities. 

Interactions volume according to location

A map view of the community discourse filtered by keywords and interactions divided to neighborhoods.
The feature provides a significant in data analysis, enabling our users to fully understand the current public topics that need to be addressed. 

1440 (1154)-2.png
Frame 960.png
Frame 1036.png
1440 (1154)-1.png
Frame 965.png
Frame 960.png

City benchmarking

As Covid-19 broke out, we conducted an intensive hackathon looking to provide additional data analysis capabilities to our users.

Consequently, we created a report which compares user data to the community benchmark (population size & geo-location).

101 Benchmarking 1440.png
Frame 1020.png
Frame 85.png
Frame 254.png

This feature sold to 20-25% of clients and used to upsell contracts, which grew clients' ARR by average of 50% contributing to company's yearly revenue


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