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Hotelz App

Room Service Funnel

Ordering Room Service

Hotelz specializes in creating a home-away-from-home

experience for guests around the world.

Mobile App | UI / UX

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Meet Emma and Josh


They just landed in NYC and jet lag has hit them pretty hard. They wake up in the middle of the night and are hungry. Emma opens up the Hotelz app wanting to order something to eat


Welcome to Hotelz

Welcome Page

Hotelz app recognizes your geo-location and time-zone for a personalized experience


Depending on the hour, a pop-up will offer the guest a promotional discount


'What would you like to do' - gives the guest several options to choose from the gallery

Welcome Page 1.png
Welcome Page 2.png
Welcome Page 3.png

Emma and Josh Order Room Service

Welcome Page Copy 9.jpg
Welcome Page Copy 11.jpg
Welcome Page Copy 12.jpg

Category /
Menu Page

Each category title is an expandable menu


Each menu includes prices with icons or images


Simple highlight selection of chosen item when clicked

Menu Page.png
Menu Page Copy 2.png
Menu Page Copy 3.png

Product Page

Each item in the menu has it's own page; including image, rating and description

'Add Comment' option will open a text box to allow the guest to personalise their order


The guest can then change the quantity and 'Add to Bag'

A notification will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that the item has been added to the order

Product Page 1.png
Product Page 3.png
Product Page 3.png
Product Page 5.png

Emma chose Gin and Tonic for her and Josh

Product Page Copy 5.jpg
Menu Page Copy 15.jpg
Menu Page Copy 16.jpg
Product Page 5.png

Back to
Category Page

Emma has chosen to order a pizza with their drinks


Choosing a small one, including the discount as advertised earlier on late night snacks

Group 6.png

My Bag &

Checkout Page

Before checking out the user can sign up or continue with no registration.

On checkout page the guest will fill in their details:
Room number, Full Name and Passport number are required


There are three payment options to choose between 

My Bag.png
Product Page 3.png
My Bag 3.png
checkout click.png
Group 3.png
Success page.png
Success page Copy 2.png

Success Page

Once the guest has completed their order they will receive confirmation, estimated time and order number


There is also an option to cancel the order 


'Explore Hotelz' button takes the guest back to the main menu

Emma and Josh are ready to enjoy their midnight snack

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