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School Branding Projects

The Forest

Theme Park Branding

'The forest' is a theme park inspired by the 'Peter and the Wolf' folk tale (1936, Russia) 
In the Bavarian woods in Germany, in a beautiful and secluded area, a fantastic world is hidden away. Come meet your favorite characters of the tale and join them on an amazing journey in the woods.
Course: Branding; Mentor: Liat Levin Rotman; Year: 4th

Music Festival

Event Branding

Branding of a Tel Aviv music festival.
This music festival features quality shows, and the entrance fee is 1 shekel only!
Course: Branding; Mentor: Liat Levin Rotman; 4th year

Don Quixote

Package Design

Design for multi-purpose packagings of gluten free products.
Course: Package Design; Mentor: Liat Levin Rotman; 3rd year 

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